Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{ summer prints: for sale! }

'Reef Oil'  - forty only fine art Giclee prints for sale

And who wants some new togs for summer? 'Blue Polkadot Bikinis' - forty only fine art Giclee prints for sale

What better way to kick off summer than with a cute pair of bikinis and some good old Reef Oil? I had been deliberating for a while as to whether to get some prints done for Christmas; but as soon as I had finished these two I knew I had to share them around. So, these little treats are my next two limited edition prints available for sale  - just in time for Summer and of course for Christmas, too!

These will be my last prints for 2012 with a limited edition of just forty of each so get in quick with orders if you're keen - as once they are gone, they are really gone! So the details...

'Blue Polkadot Bikinis' and 'Reef Oil' - forty limited edition fine art Giclee prints of each for sale

SIZE: 200x300mm
PAPER: Archival 'Hahnemuhle' 100% cotton rag 305gsm paper
PRICE: $100 each
POSTAGE: $10 within Australia (and I'll combine for multiple orders); international available (email for rates)
PAYMENT: Via direct debit within Australia (sorry no credit card) and Paypal for overseas
TO ORDER: Email with your postage address

Oh, and I should mention that the originals of each of these are available for sale upon enquiry as well. So if hanging the master 'Reef Oil' or 'Blue Polkadot Bikinis' on your walls tickles your fancy then email me at .

Well I do hope you love these latest prints; and that you are all enjoying the onslaught of the festive season. Less than seven weeks till Christmas is here! See you again soon.

Pip xx

All images copyright Pip Boydell 2012.

Friday, November 2, 2012

{ to the beach! }

The rocks at Burleigh. One of my fave day trip spots.

A summer essential. No make that addiction.

I love pigface... a funny name for a very pretty native!

I have to admit this is my boyfriend's.... I am biased but he really is a very cool dude on his boards!

So this is me. 

As soon as Summer hits, any chance I get I will hot-foot it straight to the beach for a sunbake and a swim beneath our wonderfully hot Australian sun. Between the sun, salt and sand, the coconutty smell of Reef Oil, and a fresh cold juice (or a Weis bar!), almost nothing in this world can make me happier.

So I guess then it's not that surprising that these things that I love translate to my drawings too...... thought I'd share just a few of the things I've done lately. It's funny, I've long had a dream to design and make boardshorts, but turns out in the meantime I can just draw them - which is almost as fun! 

These particular ones were a commission for a very fabulous client who has been an absolute gem to me. I love her and this was absolutely one of my funnest jobs so far....... 

... oh, except possibly for this Reef Oil. I'm super obsessed. But more on that one to come!!!

Well it's Friday afternoon here and in the spirit of this post I an well and truly looking forward to a productive Saturday rewarded by a trip to one of our favourite beach spots on Sunday. Can't wait. See you next week!

Pip xx

All images taken by me on my iPhone