Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{ new artwork! }

'The Pineapple'

'The Pineapple'... hanging on the 'Round & Round the Garden' wallpaper

'Fruito Weis' - hanging on 'Round & Round the Garden' wallpaper

'Mango Weis'

'Pattern No. 1 in Taupe' - hanging on Rosey Posey Trellis wallpaper

And 'The Blue Bikinis' before heading off to the framer... these didn't manage to stay in the shop long enough for me to photograph them on display, but thought I'd show you anyway!

I am happy to finally share with you my latest work which is on show in Black & Spiro in conjunction with the launch of Anna's signature wallpaper range for Porters Paints. 

There are four pieces hung the display rooms, pictured here from top to bottom: 'The Pineapple'; 'Fruito Weis'; 'Mango Weis'; and 'Pattern No. 1 in Taupe'. For anyone who is in Brisbane you must pop by Black & Spiro as the rooms look absolutely wonderful all papered in the new wallpaper and are bursting with beautiful things. And of course you can see the artworks for real while you are there! The Blue Bikinis were snapped up before the display officially opened by one of Anna's clients who negotiated them into her home that day - so these are already off the floor! actually whisked it away to her home! I hear it's a beautiful one at that though and it was a lovely surprise for it to sell so quickly. 

So, what's for sale? Well as I mentioned the Bikini's are already gone and the two Weis Bars were also sold the day they were put up, however 'The Pineapple' and the 'Pattern in Taupe' are both available. For anyone interested in prices or purchasing you can email me at pip_boydell@hotmail.com.

I must say, this has been my favourite lot of work to complete yet. As I am still so green in this 'art' world I am constantly learning and changing every day; but I think the big thing I have taken from this is that you really truly must do what you love. Weis Bars might sound an odd subject for a painting to some - but to me, there's nothing better! - so I just did it, and I loved doing it, and they turned out just how I wanted. Plus, the lawyer who purchased them has decided to hang them in his chambers - kinda cool, hey!

I am now working on a few more pieces to replace those sold and these will be ready for later in May. In the meantime I hope you like what you see here and of course any enquiry on the above email away.

See you soon,
Pip xx

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{ sneak peek... }

I'm excited to let you know that later this week, I will have a number of new pieces featuring in the soon-to-be-launched display of Anna Spiro's wallpaper range for Porters Paints at her Brisbane store, Black & Spiro.

Over many months, Anna has been feverishly working behind the scenes with Porters to develop concepts, designs and colourways for her signature line of wallpapers. And can I tell you - they are all absolutely stunning!! So when Anna asked if I could paint some pieces to hang atop these beautiful designs, I was obviously thrilled to oblige. The official launch will be in a few weeks time but the display rooms will be open to the public in the next couple of days; as will my artwork (which will be available for sale). 

So I must keep it under wraps for the minute but thought I would share a few sneak peeks here with you.... even though Winter is approaching, can you tell I am a Summer girl at heart?!

I'll post proper pics in a few days time. Stay tuned. 

Pip xx

Sunday, April 15, 2012

{ breton chic }

Image via Pinterest

Image via Another

Image via Esquire 

Favoured over time by icons like Picasso, Hemingway, Hepburn and James Dean, the Breton shirt has long been a French wardrobe staple. But it's not just a pretty stripe - the design was actually introduced by an Act of French Parliament in 1858 as the official uniform of the French navy, and it was said that the distinctive block stripe would make it easier to spot seamen who had fallen overboard. Cute, hey! So while I don't so much have a need for it in its lifesaving capacity, I've always loved anything breton and find this blue & white combo and heritage so chic and iconic. 
'Breton Shirt' - by Pip Boydell

 Image courtesy of Absolutely Beautiful Things

I had been itching to paint something like this for a while, so I feel quite chuffed that this one I recently completed is going to an extremely well-styled home itself. I painted this for Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things and it is going to live in her gorgeous beach house at Straddie. I'm sure many of you are familiar with Anna's beach getaway (above is as it appeared a while ago in Country Style, and   another glimpse here) - so I'm so very pleased that it's going to such a lovely home, no less by the sea!

I've had a really big few weeks and have lots of paintings completed that will popping up in various places soon, some of which will be for sale. I'll keep you posted on all of later this week, but do look out if you're interested in purchasing, as there are some new and different things and possibly some of my favourite pieces yet!

See you soon.

Pip xx

Sunday, April 8, 2012

{ happy easter weekend }

Hope you've all had a wonderful Easter and made the most of the chance to rest & rejuvenate with good food, family and friends. I know I have.... I really don't want to leave this island! One more day then we're back into it, I have a big week with some serious painting to do. See you later this week.

Pip xx 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{ busy little bee }

I thought I'd share with you the work-in-progress of a little bee I've just completed for a dear friend of my sister who recently turned 30. Alix is her name and she loves bees so when her mum commissioned me to create something for her gift to her daughter, a golden queen bee seemed just right. We decided on a single bee in her very own big square frame - which I think makes it feel a little more special and statement. The last pic isn't great, rather a quick snap on my wall before delivering it to Alix - but I know she'll will look much better than this once in her final home! That is, the greatest little Queenslander in Paddington that Alix and her partner are renovating... the house has great bones and they have great style so I can't wait to see it as they put their mark on it. And of course the bee up and at home, too!

Meanwhile not sure about you but I am certainly looking forward to a break and some beach time over Easter. See you soon!

Pip x