Thursday, December 20, 2012

{ the emperor }

Introducing to you The Emperor. What do you think of him?

He's a little different to my other subjects and it was definitely a challenge to capture the essence of these amazing creatures, but was a lot of fun and now sits as the latest addition to my collection of works in at Black & Spiro. Being something new and different I thought I would share the development of this one with you.... let me tell you there are many scales on one fish! 
... early pencil & ink... 

... many washes of colour...

... I postponed the eye until right at the end, this detail is small yet always so important to get his character right!

The final product ready to head off to the framer.

I must say, every time I paint something like this I gain a greater appreciation for Mother Nature and the design inherent in our world. The perfect mosaic of the scales, the fine, deft fins and the brilliant and pearlescent colour of the Red Emperor is amazing. I've already got a few bites (mind the pun!) for some more fish commissions so you may see some more here in the new year.
'The Emperor' - watercolour & ink available at Black & Spiro in Brisbane.

And finally, here's the final product all framed in a beautiful pinkish oak timber. By the way he is for sale so if you'd like the details email me at

Well with only days to go until Christmas, it is certainly all systems go here but I promise to post again before the 25th comes. There now I've said it - I will have to make it happen! Until then, I hope you all have a productive and happy lead into Christmas and out of the hectic year that's been' and I'll see you again soon.

Pip x

Saturday, December 8, 2012

{ tutti frutti }

'Passionfruit'  - original illustration & watercolour

'Watermelon' - original illustration & watercolour

'Dragonfruit' - original illustration & watercolour

Nothing screams Summer like fruit!

If you haven't noticed, I have a bit of a penchant for anything remotely fresh and summery and Australian; plus fruit and colour are both trending in a big way right now so I was not surprised to find myself doing these three matching numbers for my recent collection at Black & Spiro.  

Since drawing and colour have become a bigger part of my life it's natural that I pay a lot more attention to the the details in things; and it sounds such a cliche but I am truly awed and inspired by nature and what it can create. Take that dragonfruit for example - what an amazing concoction of colour, shape, and detail Mother Nature thought up there. I often imagine the early explorers chancing upon such things as they made their way through the tropics. Imagine finding this curious looking thing, slicing it open to find that white flesh speckled with tiny black seeds - only to discover that it's delicious, too!  It's the perfection - and imperfection - that I love in these things. The way the pineapple leaves curl are never the same; yet the tiny concentric circles of the kiwifruit seeds are never out of place. Between all these shapes and patterns and of course the brilliant colours, painting these was like living in a big juicy fruit salad - in a good way!!!!

So here are some more shots of these along the way and then also as they hang. You'll have to mind my pics of the framed pieces (very difficult to snap front on with tthe indoor/ glass combo - big flashes get the better of me every time!) - but hopefully you can see. By the way - to anyone searching for the PERFECT blonde timber, I have found it in American Maple. It's one of the hardest light coloured timbers you can lay your hands on which makes for long-lasting and nice sharp edges. Only trick is it comes from - well, yes, America - and is not the most economical one out there - but I can so to me it's worth it!

Again, each of these framed originals are available for sale. If you are nearby Black & Spiro pop in to  rooms to see them for yourself, but if you're else where and interested please email me with any enquiry at 

Have a happy weekend - only two more between this one and Christmas! See you again soon.

Pip x

All images and artwork copyright Pip Boydell 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{ petals & rafia }

The last few weeks I've kept my local coffee shop in good business from many late nights up drawing and painting. There's been a heap of fun Christmas commissions which I'm shipping off all over the place, and then I've also just recently completed a little collection of works that went up on the walls of Black & Spiro on Saturday to coincide with the shop's 'Christmas Flea'

The two I'm showing you here are both ones that have been a long time in the making; you know those things you start and intend to finish much sooner than time actually permits?

'Hoard of Hydrangea' 

Hydrangeas are everywhere at the moment. I absolutely love the variegated colour and that no two heads are the same, and although I've done quite a few single bunches as commissions I've been wanting to do something to capture all this colour in the one piece for quite some time. Although it's not totally huge, there were certainly a lot of petals to paint!

Then there's this pair of Rafia Chic lace ups.... as their name suggests they are indeed totally chic and I've been coveting them for my feet for far too long so figured I better just draw them, instead. 

'Rafia Chic' illustration...

.. and on the walls. How great is that wallpaper contrast.

{BY THE WAY..... both of these two pieces are available for sale so if you're interested and would like pricing and information, email me at }

So here's some more pics from the weekend - it really is the most bright and beautiful way to kick off the new season and stock up on Christmas treats, treasures and beautiful things. Highly recommend heading along if you're around for the next one!

It was a fabulous but sweltering hot day, and at the end of it Anna very generously sent me home with (not one but two) of these beautiful bunches November lilies and some fresh herbs - gorgeous! It's all made for a gorgeous scent around the house on these warm nights and lots of delicious Vietnamese cooking. Thank you Anna!

Well today has been an absolute scorcher in Brisbane, something like 39 degrees. I'm glad the sun has gone down but I must say I love it. I'll post again soon with the other pieces from the weekend, in the meantime hope everyone is gearing up for Christmas!

See you soon, 
Pip xx

All images taken by me on my iPhone

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{ summer prints: for sale! }

'Reef Oil'  - forty only fine art Giclee prints for sale

And who wants some new togs for summer? 'Blue Polkadot Bikinis' - forty only fine art Giclee prints for sale

What better way to kick off summer than with a cute pair of bikinis and some good old Reef Oil? I had been deliberating for a while as to whether to get some prints done for Christmas; but as soon as I had finished these two I knew I had to share them around. So, these little treats are my next two limited edition prints available for sale  - just in time for Summer and of course for Christmas, too!

These will be my last prints for 2012 with a limited edition of just forty of each so get in quick with orders if you're keen - as once they are gone, they are really gone! So the details...

'Blue Polkadot Bikinis' and 'Reef Oil' - forty limited edition fine art Giclee prints of each for sale

SIZE: 200x300mm
PAPER: Archival 'Hahnemuhle' 100% cotton rag 305gsm paper
PRICE: $100 each
POSTAGE: $10 within Australia (and I'll combine for multiple orders); international available (email for rates)
PAYMENT: Via direct debit within Australia (sorry no credit card) and Paypal for overseas
TO ORDER: Email with your postage address

Oh, and I should mention that the originals of each of these are available for sale upon enquiry as well. So if hanging the master 'Reef Oil' or 'Blue Polkadot Bikinis' on your walls tickles your fancy then email me at .

Well I do hope you love these latest prints; and that you are all enjoying the onslaught of the festive season. Less than seven weeks till Christmas is here! See you again soon.

Pip xx

All images copyright Pip Boydell 2012.

Friday, November 2, 2012

{ to the beach! }

The rocks at Burleigh. One of my fave day trip spots.

A summer essential. No make that addiction.

I love pigface... a funny name for a very pretty native!

I have to admit this is my boyfriend's.... I am biased but he really is a very cool dude on his boards!

So this is me. 

As soon as Summer hits, any chance I get I will hot-foot it straight to the beach for a sunbake and a swim beneath our wonderfully hot Australian sun. Between the sun, salt and sand, the coconutty smell of Reef Oil, and a fresh cold juice (or a Weis bar!), almost nothing in this world can make me happier.

So I guess then it's not that surprising that these things that I love translate to my drawings too...... thought I'd share just a few of the things I've done lately. It's funny, I've long had a dream to design and make boardshorts, but turns out in the meantime I can just draw them - which is almost as fun! 

These particular ones were a commission for a very fabulous client who has been an absolute gem to me. I love her and this was absolutely one of my funnest jobs so far....... 

... oh, except possibly for this Reef Oil. I'm super obsessed. But more on that one to come!!!

Well it's Friday afternoon here and in the spirit of this post I an well and truly looking forward to a productive Saturday rewarded by a trip to one of our favourite beach spots on Sunday. Can't wait. See you next week!

Pip xx

All images taken by me on my iPhone

Friday, October 19, 2012

{ alula prints: for sale! }

Meet Alula.

She is a pretty little thing with her long lashes and coquettish smile, and she is my very first artwork to be made to a print!

Just in time for the Christmas cheer, I am releasing a limited edition run of fifty Alula prints for sale. They come on a beautiful archival quality Hahnemuhle cotton rag paper at 8" x 10" in size, and each is hand-numbered and signed by me.

She looks super cute in a nursery or makes a sweet Christmas gift - and the good news is I can ship these anywhere! So wherever you are in the world, please email me if you are interested in purchasing an Alula of your own.

These fine art prints are $65 AUD each (plus postage) and come in a cellophane envelope with a foamcore backing, and shipped in a padded mailer. For shipping prices or if you'd like any more information, contact me at .

And be sure to keep an eye out......... because in a week or two some very exciting new things will also be making their way here for sale - let's just say I can definitely feel Summer coming on!

Pip xx

AN IMPORTANT PS: You may recognise Alula from a few posts ago here - her namesake (and owner of the original) is the new daughter of a very darling friend of mine. Z - congratulations on  bringing into the world such a beautiful little girl and for being the inspiration behind my very first print. I'm glad we started with you. xx

Thursday, October 4, 2012

{ lately... }

A hydrangea commission off to it's new home this week! 

These seashells are one of three pieces that are going to a lovely customer's Straddie house...

... and these are some of mine....

The hydrangea earlier on...

Some very sweet peas - a housewarming gift and beautiful addition to our new living room...

I did a lily a week or two back... I often enjoy the 'pre' paint piece as much as the finished one.

And for good measure, some Spring time lavender.

Here's a few things that have been keeping me busy lately. Pretty shells, blooming hydrangeas a lily and more... 

I have a bit been absent these past few weeks as we've just moved house; and let me tell you that amongst all the odds & ends of (re)organising your life, a shifty Internet connection has got to be up there as one of the most time-consuming and frustrating glitches to have! 

Technology aside though, I am head over heels in love with our new home. It's been not two weeks but already I feel so settled and happy here..... it's a very wonderful feeling. I will do a proper post soon and show you some more pics, but here are a few details from around the house this week in the meantime. 

It's well and truly Springtime here - but what's even better is that Summer is peeping its bright and sunny head around the corner. I love this time of year so much and can't wait for what's going to be a busy but very fun lead up to Christmas!

By the time most read this it will be in time for a 'Happy Friday' - here's to the first week of October , down, and have a great weekend everyone.

Pip x

All images taken by me; images 1,2,4 & 6 artwork & images by Pip Boydell.

Monday, September 17, 2012

{ cuties pies }

I've recently had a couple of commissions for little girls which have been heaps of fun indeed. These first two were very very dear to me, as last weekend my darling friend Z welcomed her very beautiful little girl into the world. Her name is Alula and she is beautiful! 

The giraffe just seemed like the perfect 'friend' for little Alula with those big eyelashes; and the 'Goodnight Moon' poem is one that her mum has always loved and that will surely get many recitals in Alula's years to come - I wasn't familiar with it till now but the words are pretty adorable! I felt so honoured to paint these two pieces to go in her (insanely fabulous) nursery and I love that they'll be with her as she grows. Um and how great is that wallpaper by the way?!

In other news - I have developed quite an obsession with painting swimmers (as you may have guessed !) and fortunately for me I have some customers who feel the same! So I have happily obliged to a few commissions of this nature of late, here's a snippet of a pair I have recently finished. They are so much fun to do with all their ruffles and crinkles and frills; I just wish they made them in my size!

I've got heaps more on the boiler at the moment as the Christmas rush sets in so I'll keep sharing my work as I go; plus I will have some new stuff happening in a few weeks which I'm looking forward to sharing with you, too! See you soon.

Pip xx

 Images 1-5 & 7 copyright Pip Boydell; Image 6 from here at Pinterest (original source unknown sorry).