Friday, October 19, 2012

{ alula prints: for sale! }

Meet Alula.

She is a pretty little thing with her long lashes and coquettish smile, and she is my very first artwork to be made to a print!

Just in time for the Christmas cheer, I am releasing a limited edition run of fifty Alula prints for sale. They come on a beautiful archival quality Hahnemuhle cotton rag paper at 8" x 10" in size, and each is hand-numbered and signed by me.

She looks super cute in a nursery or makes a sweet Christmas gift - and the good news is I can ship these anywhere! So wherever you are in the world, please email me if you are interested in purchasing an Alula of your own.

These fine art prints are $65 AUD each (plus postage) and come in a cellophane envelope with a foamcore backing, and shipped in a padded mailer. For shipping prices or if you'd like any more information, contact me at .

And be sure to keep an eye out......... because in a week or two some very exciting new things will also be making their way here for sale - let's just say I can definitely feel Summer coming on!

Pip xx

AN IMPORTANT PS: You may recognise Alula from a few posts ago here - her namesake (and owner of the original) is the new daughter of a very darling friend of mine. Z - congratulations on  bringing into the world such a beautiful little girl and for being the inspiration behind my very first print. I'm glad we started with you. xx


Delightful Domestic Science said...

Congratulations Pip! I can't see what else you have coming up.

Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

She is indeed a darling :)
Any girl would be happy with those lashes..LOL!

Love that you are expanding your work, so to speak, I might just want one of those for a new arrival to friends of ours....

Pip Boydell said...

Thank you Delightful Domestic Science I'm excited about my new stuff as well as Alula!

Pip Boydell said...

Natasha- oh those lashes I know - I want! I'll reply to your email too, hope all is well in Florida xx