Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{ jude the obscure }

I recently completed a Christmas commission for a very lovely client; his boss's favourite flower is the 'Jude the Obscure' rose and he asked if I would paint one as his Christmas present to her. Now I don't love all roses, however  these kind are divine. So creamy and full, I'd love a big posy of these.

'Obscure' name for it too, obviously comes form this Thomas Hardy novel. Perhaps I should read this over Christmas!

Image for Pinterest

Don't you think that is such a thoughtful gift - she must be a great boss! Thanks B for asking me to do this, and also for introducing me to perhaps my new favourite rose.


Monday, December 12, 2011

{ reach the beach }

Summer lovin. Via Summertime & American Honey

Lots of shells. Also from Summertime & American Honey

White broderie with a tan. Via trop-ical

Way to spend a day... kayaking in the shallows! Via w-a-v-e

Coconut gelati/ everything. Via Martha Stewart

Avo on crunchy fresh bread. Via w-a-v-e

Lounging like a lizard in the sun. Via prettystuff

Panama hats. Via say YES to hoboken

Afternoon kips. Image via w-a-v-e

Collecting shells on an evening walk. Image via Aspiring Homemaker

It's now less than two weeks till we break for Christmas and head off for our annual beach holiday. I can't wait. These images are what a beach holiday is to me.... sunkissed cheeks, long afternoon kips, coconut everything, late lunches and long walks on the beach at dusk. The weather forecast is looking pretty grim however I am being optimistic and dreaming of a summer that looks and feels like this!

Flinders Beach, Stradbroke Island (on any given day). 


Thursday, December 8, 2011

{ under a tree & then in a marquee }

Wow, what a wedding!! Everything about the day was perfect. Best-dressed most certainly must go to these three....

And of course beautiful Phoebe in Vera Wang.... have you ever seen such an elegant, radiant and beautifully happy bride?

This is where they were married; under an ancient oak tree in Federal, NSW...

... and the view from the marquee, where we celebrated into the night.

It was one of the best days & nights ever. The next day it didn't stop, we woke to this...

This was our card to the Newly Married Couple....

By the end of it I was thoroughly exhausted from the wonderful weekend that was. 

Sorry I've been a bit out of action but I hope to be back properly next week. See you then!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

{ new work }

Today is the first official day or summer and also the day a few new paintings of mine have gone up in Black & Spiro. There's a pair of shoes; some words; a flower and a bottle of San Pellegrino..... all quite season appropriate I think!

'Wink & a Smile' - watercolour & ink with gold leaf

'Laelia Orchids' - watercolour & ink

'San Pellegrino' - watercolour & ink

'The Summer slippers' - watercolour & ink

You're welcome to email me if you are interested in any of the above or would like more information. I hope to have a few more coming before Christmas.

'Bikini' in pigment ink 

Tomorrow I'm off to Byron Bay to celebrate the wedding of two very special people... they are wonderful friends (also owners of my bikinis, above, which now reside at their at their gorgeous beach house!); but much more importantly they are possibly the most inspirational and just all round best-couple I know. So lots my favourite people, in my favourite place, at my most favourite time of year - I can't wait! 

Hope you all have wonderful weekends too. See you next week.

All images and artwork copyright Pip Boydell 2011.