Thursday, September 1, 2011

{ a Spring resolution }

Image via From Portland to Peonies

It's here.... the Spring has sprung! To me this is the most wonderful time of year. With its crisp mornings, the waft of jasmine and the start of those light and balmy evenings... it's bright and fresh and everyone always seems so happy.

So in the spirit of this new season, I thought it high time I actually bit the bullet on this blog I've been meaning to start for quite some time. As I write this first post, I'm not all too sure what it will evolve to be or what you might find here in the days, weeks, possibly years to come. But at the very least I hope it to be a place for me to catalogue all the bright and beautiful things that inspire me each day; and even better if there are others who can share it with me. 

Today therefore marks the start of my own little 'Spring Resolution' - to get this started, with the hope to keep it fresh and interesting with lots of little treasures for myself and anyone that might visit.  So here's to the Spring, and to new beginnings!

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