Saturday, August 25, 2012

{ new zealand: part two }

So here is part two of my recent New Zealand trip. I left on Part One here as we arrived in the Havelock North/ Hawkes Bay region, in a landscape that was beautiful in its contrasts. To one side was the river and also Craggy Range (which is just that - very craggy and majestic), and of course the amazing winery. We did lunch here on one of our days and the food indeed lived up to expectations - I think the 'best-meal'of-the-trip' phrase was used a few times here. A wonderful place.

Then behind us, the country rolled away into these beautiful hills of pasture with sheep and dairy cows and produce at every turn. I love how industrious an honest this place felt. This was the property across the road... what an amazing drive! We desperately wanted to venture down it as no doubt there was an amazing home nestled in there but couldn't quite rustle up the courage. Inviting though isn't it?!

The little coastal town of Napier was not too far away and we were lucky to have the most glorious day there. Napier is known as the Art Deco 'capital' of New Zealand as the city was virtually re-built in 1931 to the designs of the time, following a devastating earthquake that shattered the city. There were some great buildings but better than that were these amazing public gardens running along the beach at the head of the township.

The final leg of our journey was a couple of nights in Auckland; and I must say this was the perfect bookend to the trip. I'm starting to sounds like a broken record now but again, I really loved this place. We had a great day out at Mudbrick on Waiheke Island, wandered the laneways and then art gallery here was also very impressive. We had all but run out of time and almost didn't go, but ended up ducking in an hour before close on our last day and I was very glad we did. You must also eat at the O'Connell St Bistro if you are in town... it's a bit of an institution and was where we had our last supper, thanks god we did as we were in need of some sort of solace for that last-night-of-holiday pain that was setting in! 

Well thanks again for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed the second instalment! I would love to hear about your New Zealand experiences and of course any tips on what I need to do over there next time...... because there will definitely be a next time! Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon.

Pip xx

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Kate said...

Mudbrick Winery on Waiheke! Heaven! It's so gorgeous. Beautiful pics, Pip xo