Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{ the makings of a busy season! }

What a busy start to the new month and season it has been. Saturday's 'Spring Flea' was heaps of fun and a great success. As always, Black & Spiro pulled a huge crowd with the line-up trailing around the street corner awaiting 9am for the doors to open; and the footpath and shop were consequently sprawling with what looked to be very happy customers throughout the day!

Here are a few snaps from the day plus some more of my actual work. The little herb and flower pieces were done on my favourite Arches paper with the edges hand-torn.... I just love how delicate yet rustic this beautiful paper is. Each came with it's symbol or meaning handwritten beneath which was such an interesting process - I really enjoyed discovering the often ancient meanings and symbolism behind all these little gems from nature that we see and use every other day and often don't give too much thought. 

'Strawberry: Perfect Elegance'

These gorgeous things were part of the stand by the very talented Lulu Lucky & Ellen Newman 
who had (amongst other things) the most fabulous array of potted plants in their custom painted terracotta pots. 
Follow them on Instagram  here and here!

'Thyme: Courage'

'Nasturtium: Optimism'

 'Lavender: Dauntlessness'..... there are a few meanings for lavender, 
however something about this word and thought jumped out at me. 

Couldn't resist taking this big pandanus nut home! I often admire them on the palms 
so I was pretty excited that the girls were selling them. I think I've also found my next painting subject!

'The world is your oyster'

'She sells sea shells by the sea shore'

While all my pieces sold on the day I am always open to creating custom pieces so feel free to email my at if you are interested in prices or commissioning a piece of your own.

That's all for the moment! This last week has certainly brought beautiful sunny days, clear skies and lots of new and exciting work - I'm hoping an auspicious indication of the season ahead! Have a great week wherever you are in the world and see you again soon.

Pip xx


v said...

great photos pip :) i wish i managed to pick up one of your lovely paintings!

Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

Too bad I was so far away, looks like it was a great event :) It's so nice to see you back blogging and sharing your art with those of us who do not have a chance to see it in person...

Gild and Grace said...

I saw this over at Anna's blog and loved the whole concept! Everything looked gorgeous and of course I'm not surprised your paintings were snapped up Pip :)

Abbey x

Pip Boydell said...

V your work swas amazinngggg - so good to finally meet you properly, can't wait to see more! x

Natasha - thank you for your encouragement - you keep me honest with my posting I love it! Hope you're well over there x

Abbey - thank you and you are right - a great concept and again a credit to Anna. She constantly pushes the boundaries and keeps evolving, I have no idea how she does it but no doubt has somthing to do with why she remains a leader in her field. Great inspiration! xx

jane. said...

Truly love your sweet paintings Pip! Was sad I couldn't make the flea to see what you had there!
Love the Thyme painting!
Have a great weekend! Jx