Tuesday, April 2, 2013

{ you had me at calippo! }

I'm not going to lie, I get some weird and wonderful requests in this gig and I'm the first to admit that not every one is easy to crack. From the precision of a big botanical; to the delicacy of single flower; to the folds and creases of a shirt or getting the colours just so on an icy iceblock... as any creative person will attest, most days present with a rollercoaster of the daunting, the challenging, the peaceful and even the tiresome all in one. But then every now and then one comes along that is just plain fun and makes its way to paper so easily..... well, this was one of those!

This is Sarah & Oscar. I don't often talk about the people I do commissions for but, I wanted to share these two with you simply because they really are one of the kindest & loveliest couples I have ever met; and that their choice of commission was so quirky and fun. When Sarah asked if I would paint something as a birthday-come-wedding-anniversary gift to Oscar; we ummed and ahhed over a few possible subjects but in the end settled on a pair of Calippo iceblocks. These are a favourite of theirs, and I love that they chose this as a symbol of 'them' - its so fun and sweet and ever bright, and they just seem to smile back at you!

Sarah and Oscar - thank you guys again for having me create something so specail to you; that was so fun for me. You guys are the best; and like the title of this post... you had me at 'Calippo'!

See you again soon,
Pip x

Photos 1-4 taken by me on my iPhone; photos 5 & 6 kindly provided by Sarah. 


Laura - Elsee Blog said...

Too too cute!!!!!
I hope he loves it! Beautiful result.

Kate said...

What a sweet couple! It's great you can have fun with your work Pip, although I can only imagine the creative blocks and frustrations you'd come across every now and then. But you always seem to surprise and delight with your end result, love it!

Kate said...

You are one clever lady Pip - love it! Completely random and very quirky....When I was little, we were allowed to get a Calippo or Paddle Pop after fish and chips on a Friday night:)Apparently I am not the only one who has fond memories of certain icy poles!