Tuesday, August 5, 2014

{ design for mirabel 2014 }

Island Banksia - watercolour on paper 

This is a piece I did recently that featured in the 'Design for Mirabel' event held in Melbourne a few weekends ago. It is an annual benefit held in Melbourne showcasing the work of ten high profile Australian designers, and my great supporter, friend (and now sister in law!) Anna Spiro was asked to decorate a room for the event.

Image courtesy of Anna Spiro's Instagram

Anna put such a beautiful room together - her amazing way of bringing vintage, modern and classic pieces together in a surprising and just-plain-beautiful way never ceases to amaze! From all reports it was a wonderful opening night and weekend; plus all proceeds of sales went to the very worthy Mirabel Foundation. It was a pleasure to be able to contribute to such a great cause.

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Pip x


Leonie said...

I love seeing what you've been up to, and this beautiful painting is no different! It fits the gorgeous room perfectly. What an exciting charity project - making beautiful things to raise money for such a good cause.

Anonymous said...

Just browsing through a library copy of July 2014 H&G and came across Design for Mirabel. Googled further, and your designs of Banksias 'popped out' for me in the photograph of the interior room. Love your piece. Googled images and arrived at your blog spot. Would really love to see this work developed further as a wall paper. Can picture it in a Hampton's style bedroom behind a white linen headboard and accents of furry-wattle leaf aqua and white (sorry, don't know tree name, just Pom-Pom flower but one of my favourite grey aqua so.) throw in hurricane lamps, thick cream rugs, Laura Ashley armchair in linen, etc. I'm not a design person, just a home body, but your picture really had my imagination running. Beautiful work. Di Y.