Friday, October 30, 2015

{ a thing for staghorns }

It's been so long since I have posted here that I'm not quite sure where to start! I want to share some of what has been keeping me busy this year though... so I will start with some stag horns. Last Christmas or so I started to become totally entranced by the majestic and stately presence of these plants. I kept seeing (noticing) them everywhere and my camera roll on my phone is testament to how intrigued I became with their reaching, falling fronds and bulbous cores that seem to be able to attach themselves and thrive just about anywhere. Also, the fact that they have come somewhat back in vogue means that they seemed to pop up on every Pinterest board and Instagram feed in reach; all of which put them top of mind when experimenting with some larger work a few months ago. 

Halfway through painting this, I knew that it I was going to find it hard to part with; so I did something I had actually not done yet (?!) - and decided to keep it for myself. Our home has old stucco walls and is all very white, white, white, so I chose to hang this in our sun-drenched living room, framing it in a (deliberately so) rather gaudy - but so gorgeous - gold gilt frame. I felt it needed something grand, and the gold has so much vibrancy in the afternoon sun. 

While I am sure I'll feel the need to swap it out in time, I am enjoying having something of my own in our home for the moment. 

Thanks for stopping by... I'll post again soon.
Pip x

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