Monday, February 20, 2012

{ how pinteresting }

From.... well, Pinterest.

For those of you who have not yet discovered the joys of Pinterest, you really must get on board (literally). I've been making the most of this latest platform for a while now, but I have noticed how over the past few weeks - even days - its' really taking off. For those who aren't too familiar with it, Pinterest is basically a place where you can create your own set of online 'pinboards' to store all your wonderful images - from the thousands probably already clogging up your computer memory and then of course all the fabulous pics you find out there on the world wide web.

For image hoarders like me, not only is it a godsend for your hard-drive and the order of your virtual filing system; but it also allows you to curate your own little visual feasts by way of each board that you set up. I've currently got 33 boards, 1000 pins and counting and now stalk some style-maven-like pinners from San Francisco to Norway. It's so fun, so addictive but also so useful. Here's a snapshot of mine, you can check it out here...

Works a treat from your iPhone too. 

So whether  it's your own lookbook for you new season wardrobe wants; a collection of recipes you intend to one day cook; or an inspiration board for a project your working on - trust me, Pinterest is going to become your answer and your addiction, too!

Pip xx

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Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

yep.. i'm with you, interest is Great!! And the fact that you can "store" your images there, makes your own computer run so much faster... :) It's a lot of fun, but easily you loos track of time! i'll check out your boards when i have a second, i am sure you have a great eye, so they are probably beautiful and artistic!! :)