Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{ back to the drawing board }

After a very long and relaxing summer holiday I am now back home, back to work really energised to get back into painting. I've just completed a couple of botanical commissions and other bits and pieces, and then I'm also starting on some new subjects that I've been looking forward to painting for a while. 

Here's a glimpse of my latest agapanthus...

And some words I did in gold leaf. This one makes me smile. 

On a sad note for me I've already managed to make my workspace a bomb-site in just a matter of days - it seems no matter how hard I try I just cannot keep it tidy! I put it down to efficiency as I don't believe it's worthwhile to spend half an hour of good painting time setting up and packing up each day... this is why I need a real studio! Speaking of, I just love everything about this gorgeous space below which belongs to Sydney artist Cherie Curchod. Her art for one is divine, but that desk and the light flooding in - and what's more, this place (located on Sydney's Pittwater) is only accessible by boat - what a dream.

In other dreams, I am still clinging to the memories of lazy beach days while I can...

Home Beach @ Stradbroke (taken by my friend P)

Tea Tree @ Noosa

... but for now, it's back to this!

Hopefully see you soon.
Pip xx


Anna Spiro said...

Such beautiful pictures Pip!

Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

So glad you are back, can't wait to see what you come up with :) I love the first painting of Agapanthus you did for the B&S show, and this one looks wonderful as well! Reming me of my mothers garden.... FOND memories :)

Spots and Stripes said...

Happy New Year Pip! The paintings are looking lovely. One of my readers wants to contact you, what's the best way? Amber

Pip said...

Thank you Anna and Natasha.... I too jsut love agapanthus they remind me of childhood summers in mums garden and around the pool. Happy memories.
Amber- Happy new year to you too, your getaway looked divine! Would love to hear from your reader, beat contact is email xx

Robyn's Paris rendezvous said...

Looking forward to following your blog Pip.....don't worry about a messy studio...means you're open to lots of inspiration. Mine is always a (kind of) mess but I like it that way. And I love your botanical artworks!!