Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{ san francisco }

Last year my little sister and her boyfriend packed there bags for a year long adventure in the US of A. Not long after landing they settled in San Francisco where they are now living and working and having the time of their lives. I've still never been to this wonderful city but am dying to get there. I miss Sarah a lot (she is the baby - but also the wise one! - of our family), but fortunately  she's an industrious and creative little thing with a blog for us to check in on her beautiful photos and daily musings. I thought I would share some with you here. 

There are thousands of pictures, stories, articles and movies about this beautiful and iconic city, but I love to see it go by through the perceptive and ever-curious little eyes of my sister.

 All images from well for the main reason

So a big hi to Sar and of course Cameron too. Two thumbs up!



Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

Hi there...
I know you paint the most fantastic orchids... so stop by the Northern Light Blog for "today's fill" of pure white orchids :)

Sorry, I know my comment has nothing to do with San Fransisco!

Robyn's Paris rendezvous said...

Maybe on my way back from Paris I can drop into San Francisco!! Looks very beautiful.