Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{ colour wheel }

 From top: colour in my studio; a snippet of my latest bananas; pretty jonquils & a shell;
paint colours again; morning coffee in my studio (sparkles thanks to Lumie app); 
and lastly the full Banana Bunch painting.

Winter has well and truly hit and I do love all this cosiness and rugging up; but no matter what time of year I think I just need to have bright and fresh colour around me. These are a few pics from my studio over the last little while.... and yes those little squares of bright colourfulness are indeed paint cards! When I was growing up my parents owned a hardware store, and ever since I cannot help but go past these big walls of colourfulness without stealing a few chips. The perfect way to freshen up my little studio space on a cold dreary June day!

There's also a pic or two of my Banana Bunch painting which is being framed at the moment before going off to its new home in Adelaide. The story of this one was a bit serendipitous actually... I received an enquiry about another painting that had already sold, and at the time didn't know anything about this lovely (now) customer - but she got me just at the right time as I'd just finished these bananas, and thought I would send images of it on just in case she liked it too. Little did I know that her husband's family had actually a banana wholesesaling business for 20 years - so it had to be hers! This is what I love about what I do. Not only is creating these paintings such joy for me to do, but I love the stories of where they end up, and how they get there, and what they mean to people along the way.

Hope you're all staying warm in the chilly weather (and enjoying the Summer, for those in the northern hemisphere) - and I promise I will be back sooner rather than later!

Pip xx

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Kate said...

Yay! So excited some Pip Boydell magic is headed down Adelaide way!