Saturday, June 2, 2012

{ a rosie-mary wedding }

The venue: The Moreton Club in New Farm, Brisbane.

A flower portrait... what a sweet little jonquil! 

Me on the left, and my two oldest and very best friends in the whole world on the right. 
Rosie in the middle... isn't she the most beautiful bride you've ever seen??!!!

The flowers were amazing. Hands down most beautiful bouquets ever.

 She had rosemary with each place setting - such a beautiful thought, and smelt divine!

Rosie and Tim. Love these two so much.

It was a whole week ago now that my beautiful best friend was married. I won't carry on too much (I could go on all day) but was the most beautiful and wonderful day you can imagine and one that I will remember forever. Rosie and Tim are such happy, kind-hearted, funny and loving people so it was only fitting that their special day felt just like that.... just thinking about it makes my little heart smile! I am very lucky to have two best friends, and the three of us have been just that for nearly 20 years. We really are more like sisters so after all these years, to be her bridesmaids, see her off and also (officially) welcome her husband into our little party of three was a pretty special thing. So much love!  

My gift to Rosie & Tim... a magnolia, a lime & rosemary. 

I very much struggle with whether to give my own artwork as gifts to people (it just feels so presumptuous and immodest of me!!) - but painting this for Rosie and Tim was more about the gesture and meaning than the product and just something I really wanted to do. It's a blooming magnolia, a lime with its little flowers, and then sprigs of rosemary entwined through. Each of these three things mean something special to Rosie and Tim (one of them is her namesake!) and painting this for them was without a doubt the most enjoyable thing I've yet created. I hope it lives with them for what I know will be a long, happy and full life together.

The happy couple are currently honeymooning their way around France, Italy and Spain (tough, hey) - but Rosie & Tim if you read this, thank you for having me be part of your special day. It was just perfect - and I can't wait for all the fun times ahead! 

Pip xx 

PS. Top image and table setting image courtesy of Elizabeth - I missed so many pics on the night so thank you for these! x


Gild and Grace said...

Gosh Pip what a stunning wedding! You all look gorgeous, the flowers are divine and your artwork is so beautiful too! I bet your friends loved it! Have a great week :)

Abbey x

Kate said...

PIP! Gorgeous, what a stunning and very special celebration. You gals looked beautiful, what a happy day for you all.

And your present was spot on, anyone in their right mind would be thrilled to receive such a heartfelt gift. I'd give my left arm to have even the talent you store in your little toe!

What beautiful elements in their wedding - the rosemary on the placecards was very sweet, and I ADORED those bouquets. Heavenly!

Thanks for sharing x

Pip Boydell said...

Abbey thankyou for your lovely comment... it sure was just gorgeous, everything about it!

Kate, you too - always super kind you are! - but you are right all the little elements made it but the rosemary and flowers were I think my faves. My bouquet is still going strong over a week later.... I don't want them to end!

As always thank you both for stopping by xx Pip