Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{ pattern making }

If a pen (or pencil) is within arms length, I can't help but find myself scribbling and doodling shapes and lines, swirls and curls. It's something that has always been a bit of a mindless habit for me, howevee a little while ago I decided to take a different tact and properly draw some of these patterns I so love. Here's what happened. 

Pattern No. 3 in Red (295 x 295mm)

Pattern No. 2 in Sky Blue (205 x205mm)

These two pieces - 'Pattern No. 2 in Sky Blue' and 'Pattern No. 3 in Red' are now for sale. If you're interested and would like pricing or have any questions email me at pip_boydell@hotmail.com (both can be provided framed or unframed - however you like!). You might actually recognise these as similar to one I did for Black & Spiro last month - this one found it's way to the home of the very lovely Grace down in Adelaide. I wonder where in the world these two might end up?!

You may have noticed that I am loving this colour pairing right now... so much so that I managed to co-ordinate my outfit to my paintings yesterday without realising (see image 3rd down). Cute one Pip. Well I hope you are all having a lovely week out there! See you soon. 

Pip xx

Top 5 images - artwork and images by Pip Boydell. 6: via Instagram (user @abeachcottage) ; 7. Viap Quarter Life Prep; 8. BEE at Atlantic Pacific


Lulu said...

Pip! You are so amazingly talented x

adesigndiary said...

Hi Pip
I am a decorative artist and designer living in Dubai, UAE and I LOVE your blog. I am so inspired by these images of the 'doodles' . As part of my job I am constantly drawing designs and patterns for decorative domes for the Hotels and Palaces we are commissioned to work on, and I am always asked why I do not convert the patterns into artwork to hang on the wall! After seeing your wonderful work I am now totally inspired to try a couple of ideas...thank you for sharing..you have amazing talent and I LOVE your work!

Pip Boydell said...

You're lovely Lulu - thank you! xx

Pip Boydell said...

Hi Julie - thank you so much for taking the time with such kind words and for reading my blog - I'm so glad to have found yours! I've been scrolling back and back and back and just love it all. You have great taste and style, I would love to see some of your work! I know what you mean, for so long I didn't think anything at all of these things I would scribble but I am slowly discovering - much to my delight - that every now and then it's just the thing someone else is looking for. You should DEFINITELY explore and please let me know when you do! Thanks again for stopping by and really glad to have found your blog. Good luck and I look forward to following! Pip xx